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When Is the Best Time to Plant Your Roses?

If you’ve never added roses to your garden before, you’ve probably already had the question that millions of others before you have posed: When is the best time to plant your roses? While this seems like a fairly straightforward question, there are several issues you need to take into consideration as a gardener before shoving a rosebush in the ground and expecting it to grown. In order to learn the best time to plant roses in your garden, consider the following:

  • Your zone. This is the matter you’ll need to consider most closely when trying to ascertain whether or not it’s time to plant your roses. Your zone calculates the first frost of winter and the last frost of spring to provide you with a healthy time limit of when it’s a good idea to plant. If you don’t already know what your zone is, handy online calculators are available, and typically don’t require anything but your postal code.
  • With your zone in mind, you should be sure to plant your roses after all threat of frost has passed by. Roses don’t hold up well in the cold, and it’s your job to ensure they don’t encounter it.
  • The weather. The type of soil you’re going to use to plant your roses is important, and it’s rather hard to test the quality if it’s been reduced to mud. Wait a few days after it’s rained to start doing your outdoor planting for best results.
  • The type of rose you’re planting. Bare root roses, for example, will need much different planting times than other varieties of rosebushes. In this case, you should plant the rose while it’s still dormant in order to get the right amount of growth in warmer months.

Following these tips can definitely help you learn when to plant your roses, a tidbit which every man should know if he really wants to build a big, bright, spectacular garden this spring.

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