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What Roses Colors Actually Mean

You have probably given many a rose to a sweetheart or a loved one, but have you really thought about what you are saying with the color you choose? Each rose color sends a very specific message to the intended recipient, and you may want to think a little more carefully the next time you go shopping for these classic blooms. Here is a brief breakdown of each of the colors.


White is a distinct symbol of purity and innocence as well as new beginnings. As such, these are a very popular flower at weddings and funerals. When given, they represent a clean slate or a new start.


These, of course, are the most commonly recognized color due to their representations of passion and romance. These are the blooms that you want to give to a significant other or spouse to show your continued attraction to them.


Orange roses are bold and eye-catching. This vibrant variety indicates enthusiasm, excitement and desire. While these are a little more playful and less traditional than red, they can be used to symbolize your on-going desire and excitement for someone.


Pink exudes sweetness, joy, grace, elegance and gentleness. As such, these blooms are often given as a symbol of gratitude and admiration. These are given as a form of thank you, and are much more platonic than red.


Purple has been viewed as a regal color due to its rarity. It has also long been associated with mystery and magic. As a result, these roses are often a sign of love at first sight or a sign of respect for an individual in a high position.


As a happy and cheerful color, these roses exude meanings of cheer and appreciation. These are often the most platonic of roses, as they are clearly connected to friendship and respect. They are perfect for cheering up a friend after a long day.

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