Propagating Roses From Cuttings

If you’ve been looking to plants some more roses in your garden but aren’t looking forward to spending top dollar on some good plants, then propagating roses from cuttings might be your best bet. This is a longstanding tradition amongst more experienced gardeners and is an excellent way to build your garden the way you want it without spending a fortune. If you’ve never taken this route before, there’s no need to worry; the process is actually fairly simple, and anyone can perform it successfully by following a few guidelines:

  • When choosing your cuttings, you need to be selective. Take cuttings from stems that are still young but firm to ensure you’re getting a good grower and not a piece that’ll just wither up.
  • Keep in mind that cuttings which still sport leaves are going to be ideal, as this attachments serve as the power generator of the plant as a whole, and will be needed to absorb light in the coming months.
  • Purchase natural rooting hormones in order to ensure your cutting grows the roots it needs to survive.
  • Maintaining the right level of moisture can be the tricky part. This is because the air needs to have a set moisture as well as the soil. The best way to solve this issue is, after setting the cutting in a pot, cover it with a plastic bag, mayo jar or other covering that can hold in moisture while the plant roots and becomes a seedling.
  • After placing your small container over the cutting, put the pot in a bright yet shaded area. This way, the plants-to-be get the light they need without overheating inside the mini-greenhouse you’ve created.

Performing this method in early spring or summer gives you the best bet of propagating your cuttings effectively, depending on the weather and temperature at the time. Above all else, it’s important to have patience throughout this process. With a little time and effort, you can fill your garden with bushes grown from your own cuttings in no time.

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