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How to Care for Your Roses

Roses are perhaps the cornerstone that any good garden is built off of. They give any garden area (whether indoors or out) a touch of class, an aroma of freshness and a tinge of all-around wonderful design. However, that doesn’t mean they’re always easy to care for. Fortunately, there are some tips anyone can follow in order to help their roses grow right and really thrive in the coming months and years, a few of which include:

Using the Right Amount of Water

If you’ve learned one single thing as a gardener it’s probably that overwatering your plants is as harmful as under watering them, and this is a real threat with roses of almost any variety. Ideally, your roses will be planted in a humid, moist climate that receives around 6 hours of sunlight each day, meaning you should only have to water them around once per week when they’ve matured. Typically, you’ll need to provide about an inch of water at the base of the plant. Furthermore, using moisture-retaining mulch and keeping it in good shape is a must.


Some gardeners never fertilize or feed their plants. These are the gardeners who have trouble getting them to grow correctly. Blooming roses require a great deal of nourishment, so you should really try to feed your plants with water soluble food made specially for roses around every two weeks or so, following the measurement specifications on the package of your chosen brand.


This is a step which many gardeners overlook when it comes to their roses. However, this provides your plant with some much needed benefits, such as:

  • Removing dead parts of the plant.
  • Ensuring the roots of the plant are able to supply the whole with nutrients.
  • Allows your plant to produce newer, better flowers and leaves.

Each of these steps is a must if you’re looking to really help your roses grow and shine this season. With the right know-how and correct set of tools, any gardener can make their garden a beautiful place, regardless of their experience.

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