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Are All Roses Poisonous to Dogs?

As the proud owner of your canine companion, there are probably several concerns that arise when the time comes for you to work in your garden or upgrade your landscaping. What types of fertilizer are safe to use? Can this bush or tree get tangled with your pet’s collar? Are all roses poisonous to dogs? For this last question, doing a bit of research can answer your question in no time. The short answer is that yes, some roses can be harmful do dogs, but not all of them.

True roses that are found growing in the wild (often scentless) are not harmful to any animals, and are great selections for the gardens of concerned pet owners like yourself. However, there are many plants that contain the word “rose” in the name (such as the Cherokee rose) that are not, in fact, roses at all. This is why it’s always important to check the toxicity of a plant by its specific botanical name before making it an addition to any garden that’s easily accessible to your pets.

Aside from the different types of roses, there are a few things that can make even true roses toxic to your furry friend in the warmer months. Many of these are chemically-based, and include:

  • Fertilizers
  • Insecticides
  • Plant feed
  • Certain soil types

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to avoid these products altogether. There are many organic products that are pet and child safe that accomplish the same goals as the more dangerous chemically-based products available, and in some cases it’s even easy to make your own from safe ingredients you may have around your home.

So, the long answer to the question is that no, roses themselves are not poisonous to your pet, but there may be other plants that are called “rose” that may have negative effects on your pet’s health. Furthermore, the products you use have a huge impact on the toxicity of all plants in your garden, and should be monitored closely in order to avoid incidents and sickness.

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